Welcome to another fun filled yeat with CCC


Curtis Coast Cruisers is a Gladstone QLD based car club that meets twice a month to get together with fellow members for breakfast, bbqs , sunday drives, displays, etc .
We are a family friendly group who promotes the use of special interest street cars including older and modern muscle cars, vintage, sports, custom , classic , etc.


Brekkie Run We alternate between different venues for brekkie. In each case meet at the venue at 8am and have brekkie and a chat.

Meet and Greet sign-on is our welcome back event. It is on the 3rd Sunday in January. It’s a sausage sizzle at a local park. All membership fees fall due at this event. You should attend this meeting to join up or renew your membership.

Observation run & Counter lunch Every year we try to include an observation run into the calendar. At this event members are given a question and answer sheet that they are asked to complete. Finding the answers requires you to drive around town, the final answer leading to the lunch venue.

Long Runs: Some of you agreed that some longer runs would be good in the calendar. We have been to Agnes Water, Bororen, Raglan, and Biloela. I will need some indication on how many of you can come. I will need to call the Hotel and advise them how many extra to cater for. Please check your calendar or roster to see if can come and let me know as soon as possible.

BBQ lunch at different Venues. We have on offer for you a BBQ lunch surprise! For a limited time we can offer you a lovely sunny Sunday at park near you. But wait there’s more! A BBQ lunch supplied by the club at no expense* to you! That’s right you heard it right the first time, a free lunch of sausages and hamburgers supplied by the club. And for the first 20 there are free soft drinks available! So that’s a Sunny Sunday, free lunch, free drinks, and fantastic friends all for nuthin’ To be eligible for this offer you must meet us at the Duck Ponds at 10am

Go Karts in Yeppoon Three runs are good, but at 25 bucks a throw can get expensive.  So come with us in a group booking and get 10% off. Last year we had such a good time members still talk about it. Then we had a BBQ set up and table pre-booked it was great! We will probably have a BBQ and drinks available again this year. We plan on including Kenrose Park in our calendar every year.

Other organised car displays: Our club endeavours to support all Gladstone’s other clubs by providing cars at their car shows, fetes and displays. Some of these events include the Gladstone Auto Club Motor sport Expo, Classics by the Coast, Bi Annual Rocky Motor Show and the Benaraby State School Fair. Some of us make a holiday of it by going early and spending a couple of nights near the venue.

Garage Tour. This much anticipated event is simply a drive around town to look in our member’s sheds to see those projects that haven’t made it to the street. Or to visit garages that have something of interest to show. Perhaps
you have a CB Radio / scanner set up in the shed or a lounge TV and bar in there for watching the footy. A collection of antique tools, oil cans etc. old cars? This will be for club members only so if you are worried about divulging your collection to the world don’t be. For this event to be a success I need to know if you are willing to have some of our members take a quick peak in your shed. Please don’t be shy as we are all genuinely interested. Please e-mail me if you wish to be included in the places of interest. We also need someone to host the BBQ at the end. All food and drinks are

AGM Poker Run Many Peaks Hotel. Each year we hold our AGM at the Many Peaks Hotel. On the way there we have a poker Run, each car is given a poker hand of 5 cards, then, at different spots along the way members can exchange cards to improve their hands. At Many Peaks the winning hand is awarded a prize. We then settle in with a counter meal while the usiness of the AGM is conducted.The AGM is the time to show your support for our club by attending and accepting a nomination for a position on the club committee.

Night Run Each year we go out for a meal at night, usually to a pub or club. Then we cruise down the waterfront and hang out like the younger kids do. We are always looking for suggestions for where we go.

Dyno Day. Entrants put their car on the dyno and record their maximum horsepower and torque. This is a very important day on our calendar as it is our only fund raising venture for the year. We can only accept 25 cars on the day so it will be first in best dressed. Members get a go for $40 non members cost $50. Helpers will be required to help set up, cook and serve. Please let me know where and when you think you can best help our club at this event.


Christmas Break up: Meet at 10 am at the Marina for a BBQ lunch catered for by the club including drinks and sausages steaks and salad. Everyone is welcome even if you haven’t been all year please come along and Socialise with us at our last big fling for the year.

Christmas lights run: Every year we do a run around some of the better Christmas lights displays in the city. This year we will keep it down to about 6 houses. If we have more time after that we can meet somewhere for coffee or sumthin’ Maybe an ice cream. On the 3rd Sunday in December we meet at the K-Mart Car Park at 7.00 pm.

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