The management committee is elected to handle the basic running of the club’s affairs. The committee works indepentantly, any issues that arise are dealt with by the committee behind the scenes.  Management committee meetings are only held when required sometimes over the phone. When an issue arises which requires membership consultation, a general meeting is conducted, usually at a club day. Please let us know your concerns, if we don’t know something is wrong we can’t fix it.

At the AGM all committee positions are declared vacant, nominations are called for each, when the nominees accept, a vote is held and the new committee member is elected.

Please have a think about taking on a position in the committee it’s not that bad!


Current Committee:

President: David Yates , PH: 0405326864

Vice President: Matt Musarra

Secretary: Amanda Hansford  PH: 0447962657

Treasurer: Margaret Shaw

Newsletter Editor: Su Mapleson

Club Rego Officer : Craig Sherman

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